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Představec BMX Demolition Monarch- Rob Wise design#Rob Wise signature stem. True top-load alloy stem with extensive internal and external machining to reduce weight. Rounded edges, beveled sides and rounded out back-side create a aesthetically pleasing stem to look at and also saves your knees from those nasty stem knee bumps. Top cut-out for fork top cap to be recessed. For 1-1/8" steerers- Reach: 53mm- Stack Height: 33mm- Weight: 10.4 oz
1 690 Kč
RYAN BIZ JORDAN FRAME#RYAN BIZ JORDAN FRAMEmaterial: CrMo 4130 T3 Heat-Treatedtop tube: 21“chainstay: 13.75“ head angle: 75° (integrated)seat angle: 71° / 8“BB: MIDweight: 2,12 kg
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4 748 Kč
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4 748 Kč
Řidítka BMX Volume Alpha 8.3"#The Volume team wanted something bigger than what we had previously offered but not too big to where they felt like their front end was a chopper. They all agreed that 8.3” was a perfect height and that the 11/ 1° specs was proven dimensions. Top dog!SPECS:2-pc bars made from 13-butted heat treated 4130 chromolyRise: 8.3”Width: 29”Backsweep: 11°Upsweep: 1.5°Crossbar OD: .75”Crossbar Height: 5.83”Crossbar Width: 10.28”Material: 13 butted, heat treated CRMO. Thickest ..
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590 Kč 587 Kč
590 Kč 587 Kč
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