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790 Kč 500 Kč
Řidítka 34R BERTO 8,8“ Michael Beran signature bars  
990 Kč 550 Kč
250 Kč 187 Kč
Řidítka BMX Demolition Open Bar 8.25" - Dennis Enarson's design#Dennis Enarson's new signature 2-pc bars, the V2 Open bar. The all new bar is now made from thicker butted tubing and now has the butts in all the stress point in the bar. Made from 13-butted, 4130 heat-treated chromoly.Rise: 8.25"Width: 29"Backsweep: 11°Upsweep: 1°Crossbar OD: .75"Crossbar Height: 5.79"Crossbar Width: 10"Material: 13 butted, heat treated CRMO. Thickest point is 1.8t (.070)Weight: 32.5 oz
1 383 Kč 1 250 Kč
1 890 Kč 1 612 Kč
Středová část řídítek má průměr 22,2mm
339 Kč
Řidítka BMX Volume Alpha 8.3"#The Volume team wanted something bigger than what we had previously offered but not too big to where they felt like their front end was a chopper. They all agreed that 8.3” was a perfect height and that the 11/ 1° specs was proven dimensions. Top dog!SPECS:2-pc bars made from 13-butted heat treated 4130 chromolyRise: 8.3”Width: 29”Backsweep: 11°Upsweep: 1.5°Crossbar OD: .75”Crossbar Height: 5.83”Crossbar Width: 10.28”Material: 13 butted, heat treated CRMO. Thickest ..
1 690 Kč 1 287 Kč
1 383 Kč 1 187 Kč

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